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Interactive Self-Play Cat Stick: Durable and Fun


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Name: Cat teaser stick replacement

Color: pink, yellow, blue

Material: plush

Function: play with the cat

Product size: 12 * 6cm


1. Dispersed cat attention – don’t disturb the toy. Our little cat toy keeps the cat’s eyes on the cat’s toy, and doesn’t damage the furniture, sofa and floor. As long as they are put there, the cat will pat them, fight with them and play with them. Let the cat pass the boring time and enjoy more healthy life of sports and recreation!

2. Bright colors – the cat likes it more, and all kinds of colors are mixed together to let the cat put it down. This cat tube toy can stimulate the cat’s chasing nature and make your cat more active.

3. Random bounce and jump – Let the cat judge. Our flexible kitten toy jumps randomly without fixed direction, which makes the cat more likely to do more exercise. Chase and determine which direction the toy will jump to get more energy!

4. Safe and durable – It is made of non-toxic and odorless plush material. Your furry friends can bite it at will because it is very safe and durable.

Package Included:

1 * Cat teaser stick

1 * Suction cup

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yellow, pink, blue

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United States


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