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Raised Tilted Cat Feeding Bowls


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Raised Tilted Cat Feeding Bowls Large Mouth Design Water Feeder Reasonable Height Comfortable Bowl For Cats Dogs Pets Puppies

Bullet Points:

1.Durable in Use: Made of PP material, these cat-feeding bowls are not easily deformed and can withstand shocks. They are also easy to clean and store, making them ideal for daily use.
2.High Capacity: These cat feeding bowls have a large capacity, which can hold enough water or food for your furry friends. The solid base prevents tipping and spilling, while the 12.7cm large diameter allows your cats to eat comfortably. The raised base is designed to reduce the pressure on your cats’ necks and make it easy for them to use.
3.Comfortable Eating Angle: By tilting the bowls at a 15-degree angle, this product provides a more comfortable and natural eating posture for your cats, reducing their stress and neck strain. The reasonable height also prevents food spillage and keeps the feeding area clean.
4.Easy to Clean: The cat feeding bowls have a neck push design that lets pets eat easily without spilling food or water. The bowls are easy to clean and have a smooth inside that is finely crafted.
5.Wide Application: Suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits, and other pets of different sizes and breeds, this feeding bowl can meet their various needs and preferences.
Give your furry friends a comfortable and convenient feeding experience with these cat bowls for indoor cats. They are made of durable material that is easy to clean and reuse. The bowls have a reasonable height that prevents neck strain and allows your cats to eat comfortably. They are also suitable for rabbits and other small pets.
Material: PP
Weight: about 74g
Size: (approx.)12.7*9.8*9.7cm/5*3.86*3.82 inches
Packing List:
Cat Food Bowl*1</span

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